my babies

my babies

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Youth funds, Websites, and juggling Emma.

These few weeks have being a real test of my time! With being  young leader ive created an online consultation with help of my 'boss' and have been calling round schools to try and get them to get involved!

My website is up and running and im trying to get young mothers to post their stories, although i would prefer video blogs but no one seems to be doing it. I guess it is a bit nerveracking!

So needless to say ive being a very busy mummy and with Emma being at the age she is, shes getitng into everything (the biscuit cupboard been her favourite) Shes saying a lot more words now last night she was on her play phone having a conversation she said 'hiya' 'whos their' 'goodbye' What a clever little miss! The health visitor came and got her weighed she is 20lb now! Still in 6-9 clothes though!

The health visitor has giving me a list of baby groups in my area so im going to go explore next week, I want emma to get more friends shes at the age where she needs to socialise more!  My health visitor has also giving me the oppotunity to work (for free) at a baby clinic which im hoping to start soon!

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