my babies

my babies

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My Breastfeeding Tips

Everyone has there own tips but this is what has worked for me:

In the early days stay at home do lots and lots of skin to skin contact it is very important to get your milk flow up and feed regularly, concentrate on the latch.

Go to a babycafe within 4-6 weeks after birth, they can watch you feed and give you help and advice on latching, also you will meet other breastfeeding mothers who will be able to share experiences.

If you want to express get a good pump, some women are lucky and can express 4oz from word go but i like most wasnt that lucky. Spend a good week expressing as often as you can i did 8 times a day to get your milk supply up. I have a lactaline personal pump and it is worth every penny, expressing both boobs at once you can control speed and suction aswell.

OATS! If you worry about your milk supply fenugreek didnt work for me, oats did i ate porrdige every morning and i could see a huge difference within 4 days.

I have had mastitis 3 times, and it is awful. During the early days make sure your feeding regularly and if your lucky enough to have a sleeping through baby express before you go to bed and as soon as you wake up to avoid any blocked milk ducts.

Dont feel embarrased to feed in public, Breastfeeding is beautiful the and  best thing you can do for your baby .

Monday, 28 January 2013

The Art of Breastfeeding

My breastfeeding experience has being like most mothers, difficult, painful, happy and magical!!

As soon as Max was born i fed him, he latched perfectly, in the hospital he latched the first few hours.. then he stopped he was irritated so we decided to give him formula to top up. The weeks after were hard, getting your milk supply up means sitting down and feeding constantly every 1-2 hours at the age of 4 weeks i went to my local baby cafe where they observed me feed and they noticed he had tongue tie so gave me a nipple shield and it went so well he fed better and was more settled on the boob, they also gave me a lactaline personal duo electric pump which i would pump constantly for to get my milk supply up. At first id pump 8-10 times a day and get 3oz if that a day but after a while ive built up my supply and i get 5oz in 2 pump sessions.

I went to the weigh in clinic when Max was around 6 weeks old and he just wasnt putting on the weight, we did this for a few weeks and we had to go to our local hospital to see the consultant, at first they gave us a thickener to put in Max's expressed milk and then some infatrini which is a calorific formula to gie to him once a day, this didnt help much they got very worried and he got transferred to Oxford hospital consultant care they were so worried about him they mentioned admitting him and tube feeding him as he had severe reflux. They did brain scans, ultrasounds on his stomach a belerium scan and didnt find anything (thank god) he looked so ill and weak i questined my milk supply but i kept being reassured by the consultants and breastfeeding councillors that its not my milk it was the reflux.

I tried fenugreek to boost my supply up it didnt work, then i tried oats i ate porridge every morning and it did make a difference i felt more full, i could express more and Max seemed more satisfied.We started weaning him at 5 months and his weight increased dramatically we were so relieved in the space of 3 months hes gone from looking ill (picture above) to being a happy healthy bouncy boy (picture below) I am still feeding him and loving it! He has a couple of bottles 1 of expressed and one formula at night but the rest is down to me and im so proud of myself and thankful for the help i got off the baby cafe i wouldnt have being able to do it without there help. He is still small but he has gone from under the 0.9th centile to very close to the 9th i am going to do a open university course in September so i can become a breastfeeding councillor and help other women who have struggled. Breastfeeding is worth it and its helped me and Max bond together its something only I can give to my son.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Having two, and plans for the future

Max is 6 months now, the past 6 months have being hectic, Max has 5lb4 at birth, and he wasnt putting on much weight he started going under the 0.4th centile and staying there, we were at Northampton Hospital under the consultant for a while, but he got very worried and we were transferred to Oxford hospital, he had loads of tests and luckily he does just have reflux, hes being on solids for a little while now and hes piled on the weight hes now on the 9th centile hes still small but a lot chunkier then he was! I am still breastfeeding and i am LOVING it, it is was very demanding at first but hes gone from feeding every 2 hours to having 4 feeds during the day. Max is a very happy baby he still doesnt sleep through but hes happy his laughs are so cute, he can sit up now he still has no teeth! He loves his sister so much he laughs at her constantly and he loves the cats too. He truely is a joy.

Emma started Nursery in September, she is such a big girl now it seems like shes grown up so much, shes a diamond she doesnt get jealous at all, shes making friends and Nursery, and shes doing great with her potty training, shes dry day and night now. I am unbelievably proud of my little girl! And i cant believe shes going to school this year!

Having two children is a lot more challanging then having one, the hardest thing i find is splitting my time up with them but i wouldnt change it for the world, I love children i want to have a big family, i recently watched '16 kids and counting' and i thought it was inspirational, i would love that many children, i would love to bring as many happy healthy children into the world as possible, but i dont think Grant is up for it! 
My plans for the future are to move to a nicer house, into a nicer area, for us to be able to afford a car, im doing a breastfeeding councillor course this year so i hope i can find a job helping other women and to have more babies!!