my babies

my babies

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

New boyfriend :)

I have a new boyfriend :) Grant. We met on the bus to work..well i say met he catched my eye the first day i saw him i used to purposly sit opposite him on the bus and he didnt even notice! I even used the 'can i borrow your lighter' excuse. No such luck. I was out with my best friend a couple of months ago and i saw him in a club we were both drunk so i poked him and was like 'HIII!' and he was like 'HIII i know you!' and i was like 'yeah babe from the bus!' and he kissed me and walked (well stumbled) away.
Couple of days later i was on the bus home and he sat down on the chair infront of me and said 'did i see you on Saturday night' and it all started from there :) I was the one that had to ask for his number though...

Ever since then we text each other every day without fail, we took things 'slow'...well slow in my books! he didnt kiss me for a good couple of weeks and then, 5 weeks ago we made it official and its being so good!

We see each other every day on the bus and some weekends, hes 21 and he works in sales hes funny and laid back and makes me feel comfortable and happy. Hes not untrusting hes not a lier hes pretty close to perfect :)

He gets on with Emma i think and Emma likes him hes not a massive child fan though so its abit different to Aidan. Aidan used to ask how Em was every day and when he called me he chatted to her he genuinly wanted to spend time with her which was the only thing i really miss about Aidan. (We broke up a week after my post about him because of the trust he was too clingy and thought i was gonna cheat all the time it drove me crazy!!)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My beautiful daughter is turning TWO

In 4 days i will have a two year old daughter. Its unbelievable how time flies people say to you 'make the most of them been young because it goes so fast' and your like 'yeah sure' but it really does!
Emma is so beautiful and so clever, she talks in sentances you can understand exactly what shes saying her favourite phrases are 'i like...(octonauts or charlie and lola usually)' 'hii, good day?' and 'Emma go play!'.

When i get home from work i ring the doorbell she comes running up and says 'Hii mummy good day!?' and then 'i missed you, love you mummy' Every single day without fail she makes me the proudest mother in the world.

She has honestly changed my life for the better shes turned me into a good loving happy woman and for that i will be truly grateful forever. She honestly is my world, words cannot describe how much love i have for my little girly!!!