my babies

my babies

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My beautiful daughter is turning TWO

In 4 days i will have a two year old daughter. Its unbelievable how time flies people say to you 'make the most of them been young because it goes so fast' and your like 'yeah sure' but it really does!
Emma is so beautiful and so clever, she talks in sentances you can understand exactly what shes saying her favourite phrases are 'i like...(octonauts or charlie and lola usually)' 'hii, good day?' and 'Emma go play!'.

When i get home from work i ring the doorbell she comes running up and says 'Hii mummy good day!?' and then 'i missed you, love you mummy' Every single day without fail she makes me the proudest mother in the world.

She has honestly changed my life for the better shes turned me into a good loving happy woman and for that i will be truly grateful forever. She honestly is my world, words cannot describe how much love i have for my little girly!!!

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  1. They really do change your life! I was 19 when i had my son, he's now 8! They grow up soooo fast it is unreal.

    Happy 2nd birthday Emma! xx