my babies

my babies

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

3-6 Months old. Colic and teething.

'Emma's poo is still green mum' I said one morning 'hmm im sure its fine darling' she said. But it wasn't the past few days Emma had been really grouchy, screaming after every bottle she used to bring up her wind so well but it would take me hours to bring it up sometimes. 
'She has Colic' my health visitior told me. I had a vague clue of what it was i'd read  in a magazine steam was good for them,  so id just take her in the room whilst i have a shower then she'd be better i thought.
My health visitor gave me suggestions of what might help. At first i tried infacol. That didnt work, it seemed like it was making it worse then helping. Then i tried to lengthen her bottle feeds to four hours, it seemed to work a little but she was still crying lots. The two best things that worked for Emma were Dr Browns bottles, expensive but definatly worth it and changing her milk from cow and gate to aptamil again expensive but worth it. I noticed a big difference in days she was almost her happy self again.

I was still very anxious, and Emma was still very clingy it had got to the stage where i was co-sleeping, id read all the internet articles magazines and people discussing them, i was a light sleeper anyway i did what was safest and it worked for us. I do regret doing it now because it made her a lot more clingy. Sometimes she wouldnt even go to my mum it did make things a lot harder, i couldnt go out to town often because id have to carry her and push the pram, i even bought a new buggy because i thought it might help but it didnt.

Emma started teething at the age of 5 months. I didn't really notice any changes maybe she was grouchy but id just bit that down to the colic, i didnt even concider teething untill i saw two tiny white spots at the bottom of her gums. If teething was this easy why was everyone saying it was so bad?

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