my babies

my babies

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

9-12 months. Temper tantrums, a whole new Emma!

By the age of 9 months Emma had lots of hair! I have to put it in a bobble now, people call her jedward, or think her hair is static!

I didnt want to be a nasty mother, but i dont want Emma to be a spoil brat, i dont want her going around in life thinking she deserves everything without doing things to earn it (If that makes sense) 
So when she picks up something she shouldnt or does something she shouldnt i look at her and say firmly 'No' i thought she might of winged but she goes into full blown tantrums! She lies on the floor, bangs her head even bites her finger! But im not going to give up on this one, she cant think she can do whatever she wants becuase life doesnt work that way. So now when she does it i put her head in my lap hold her hands and make sure she doesnt hurt herself but never make a fuss.

When Emma was 10 months we moved to a village (with my family) It was hard to adapt (Still is) Their are hardly any buses, wer'e unable to go to baby groups. Theirs no people 'like me' their so i have no friends. I feel sorry for Emma because at her age she needs to interact with Children. Thats why im going to concentrate on my driving lessons. 

I decided to get rid of my stroller, and buy a 2nd hand buggy (Ziko Herbie) Its the first buggy in Emma's life that she likes! I bought it because its parent facing and its really made a difference, Maybe she hated the other buggies because she couldnt see me, or feel like she wasnt part of the 'action'.

The best part of these three months was Emmas birthday! We had lots of family come down and celebrate i baked two cakes, one was a clowns face which my mum made for my 1st birthday and the 2nd one was a shape of a 1! Her birthday was on the Friday we didnt do too much for it, she opened her presents in the morning me and her played all day whilst my mum grandma and great grandma baked ready for the party on the Saturday. On the Saturday lots of my family came down Emma had a really great day (she loves attention!) I had a bit of a cry on the Friday night, i cant believe shes one already, shes really made me grow up this past year, made me realise whats important in life. She IS the most funny fantastic most beautiful little girl in the whole world and i wouldnt change a thing about her, ... (well maybe her tantrums)

2 weeks after her birthday it was my 18th! I spent the day with Emma and my mum, brother and sister and wickstead park, took Emma on her first ride, she loved the teacups! I didnt go out for it i didnt feel 'ready' to leave her.


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