my babies

my babies

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Single parenthood, Wanting the best and THE WALKING STAGE.

Yes thats right my beautiful baby girl is now walking, or as Clarks like to call it, Cruising! I bought her a gorgeous pair of shoes takes ages to get them on but i LOVE them!
Seeing her walk has made me realise even more how fast she is growing up she is now officially a toddler  i love the fact she can talk to me, tell me what she wants more shes a lot more fun but a lot more hardwork!

The past few weeks i have being feeling really lonely, I think its because Christmas is looming up on us and seeing all the couples together, also i am VERY broody! Which isnt a good combination. Christmas this year is going to be a struggle, i started buying Emmas Christmas presents late August to spread the cost out i just want her to have everything she should be able to have and living on Income support with no support from a partner is hard! Expecially with Driving lessons, Nappies wipes and all the other baby equipment, doesnt help that shes growing out of 6-9 clothes so ive had to spend a small fortune on new warmer baby clothes. Which is why ive decided to get a part time job which is going to be a mission within itself! As i cant drive yet the buses dont come very often and i live in a tiny village with no shop so im going to have to rely on my parents help!

But as a single parent its up to me to make the best life for my daughter, as hard as it may be to pull myself away from her and vise versa.

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