my babies

my babies

Friday, 10 September 2010

Youth fund application.

I really want to work with younger parents, and teenagers to help prevent teenage pregnancy but support those who are aswell,

I have been looking up ways to help and have come accross a youth fund application formed by the government, Im thinking of making a dvd about been a teenage mum the difficulties and peoples stories, Im aware derbyshire have already done this and its a great success.

I want to do this county wide though, because its not just county's that have this issue its the UK in general. If anybody would like to perhaps help in this, whether its help making a website or been the camera lady/man or even sharing your experiences as a teenage mother.

Also for anyone who has any other ideas of how we can help younger parents through the youth fund application.


  1. you've got yourself a film maker interested in the project... :)
    count on me... :)

  2. Not sure what I'd call myself (not a young mum, film maker etc.) but I'm interested :)

    I'm in the middle of designing a website myself (and hopefully a little business!) about sex education, sexual health and it'll include a huge section on teenage pregnancy and teenage parents.

    Alison (a.k.a bettersexeduk)