my babies

my babies

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Being a single Mother Likes dislikes and MEN!

Dislike about been a SINGLE mother:

Not been able to just ask someone to hold Emma whilst i got something from a cupboard
Not been able to get them to quickly watch Emma whilst i had a shower.
Not been able to share my experience with anyone
Feeling lonely on a night time when Emmas in bed
When i have a headache or bad period pains i have to still follow Emma about instead of having help.

LOVES about been a SINGLE mother:

Been able to choose her name without consulting anybody
Been able to decide whats best for Emma on my own
Spending every day with Emma on my own just me and her
Having that special bond because im always with her
Knowing im the only one that can settle Emma when shes sad, (sounds mean but makes me feel special)

With previous experiences of men, im scared of falling in love again, ive had one relationship since Emmas dad, it lasted a month because i was too nervous to let myself fall in love. I pick at men all the time i hate the fact they shout, they lie, their mean, their controlling. But ive got to realise it isnt all men ive had bad experiences and i need to put it behind me.

I do want to have children in the future but i want a man this time, i want to do it properly i want Emma to have a decent man in her life, someone she can call Daddy. I want her to have brothers and sisters to play with i want her to have a proper family a mummy a daddy brothers and sisters, and a decent life.

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