my babies

my babies

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

6-9 Months. Weight issues, leaving her and crawling

At the age of six months i understood why people hated the teething stage. Emma was sucking and biting everything she was crying all day sometimes on a night aswell, id hold her for hours hugging her whilst she screamed i tried everything dentinox, calpol, bonjela cold carrots but nothing worked. at 7 months she finally stopped teething for a little while Thank god i thought!

My anxiety was getting a bit better, Emma was interacting a lot more with my family expecially my little brother jack and my mum she always laughed at them. I felt comfortable leaving her with them so i decided to go out for the night when she was 8 months. I was only 17 but i wanted to go out nightclubbing with friends, it was only a 5 minute walk from my house i had my phone on me. We went down at 9 i was a bit nervous, nervous about how i looked compared to all my other friends. I sat in the corner sipping my WKD 'Do you want another' said a friend 'No just incase Emma gets ill' They told me to let my hair down but i couldnt, i went home at 1am back with my babygirl, their was nowhere else id rather be.

My body was getting me down more and more, i wanted to get fitter. No wonder no man wanted me look at me! 32A breasts, what i thought was a wobbly tummy. I went down to 6 stone 9 and still felt insecure. I thought i looked fine untill i tried on my brothers clothes for a laugh and fit in them perfectly, size 11-12 and i was a 17 year old woman. Things have to change i thought. It was hard because Emma would sit on my lap whilst i ate and as soon as she got bored id stop eating, So i bought a hair chair for her i was adamant i wanted to set a better example for Emma. I finally got up to 6stone12. I realised my tummy wasnt wobbly just because my tummy wasnt as toned doesnt mean i looked hideous having a baby changes your body and you have to embrace it with open arms if you want to be happy.

At the age of 9 months my baby girl finally started crawling i was so proud, she'd been so angry with herself for weeks because she wanted to get about and she couldnt. I could tell she felt a sense of achievement which made me feel so proud, see'ing her crawling about getting into everything and laughing. She was really getting a personality of her own. Even though she was still clingy things had definatly improved, i still wasnt able to put her ina  buggy or in her cot but she would explore the living room instead of hugging me.

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