my babies

my babies

Friday, 13 January 2012

My First Trimester!

I am FINALLY in my 2nd Trimester. Ive found with both my pregnancies theyve both gone so slowly! 

Emma is beginning to understand that she is going to be a big sister. She plays with her dolly calling it her little sister and talks to my tummy its really lovely. I hope she doesnt become jelous of the baby but im going to spend as much time with her as i do now and im sure she will love it!

This pregnancy has been alot different. With Emma i was asleep by 8pm every night i was exhausted, i was sick after 12 weeks every night untill i gave birth. With this pregnancy i was tired for the first few weeks but now i cant sleep, im finding it really hard to get into a comfortable position. Ive been sick quite alot this past 6 weeks or so but i havent vommed this week so fingers crossed!

I started bleeding when i was 10 weeks, very scary! I called my midwife and we went in for a scan the next day, the baby was fine he had a beautiful strong heartbeat and looked like a real baby not just a blob anymore i was over the moon!

Ive got alot of worries for this pregnancy however. I am seeing a consultant alongside a midwife as of my difficulties with Emma. I had pre-eclampsia and gave birth to her with the cord around her neck at 38 weeks, she weighed 4lb14. Im also been reffered because my bmi is now at 16.7. I havent yet seen the consultant and i dont know what to expect when i do in a couple of weeks time. I am also alot more worried about labour (Yes i know its a long way off yet!) but i cant help but worry. I know the pain i know how much it hurts and i know how painful stitches are! I hope that my pregnancy is straightforward and that i give birth have no stitches and me and my beautiful child can go home to see Emma within 6 hours....


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