my babies

my babies

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

2nd Trimester!!

The 2nd trimester flew by!

At 16 weeks we had a gender scan and found out... ITS A BOY which Grant was very very excited about haha. We had such difficulty with names, i loved the names Reuben and Travis, Grant loves Frankie, but wer'e pretty sure we've come to a decision :) Max We both love it so fingers crossed neither of us will change our minds!
Emma is even saying baby Max, shes kissing my belly and she talks about him quite a lot. 
My bump grew pretty rapidly after 17 weeks!
We had a growth scan at 28 weeks and he is a little bit small there estimating him to be 5lb14 at birth which is still a pound heavier then Emma. My consultant has said as long as i dont develop Pre-eclampsia and stay the way i am now i will be able to have a home birth which i am thrilled about. I dont want to be away from Emma i want her to be able to see Max as soon as hes born really, i want the bond and i dont want to be away from her. Wer'e all very excited about his arrival only 9 11 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!

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