my babies

my babies

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

moving health problems and an unlikely surprise.

Last time i wrote on her was July, me and Grant are still together and very much in love. In fact we live together now we live in a 3 bedroomed house with Emma. We've been there for around a month its gone so quick. and weve even got kittens!  Wer'e like a proper family and i love it! We have both changed jobs i am now an office administrator and Grant is a senior sales accounts manager.

In October i had a few health problems, i went to a+e with severe bloating and cramps i was in so much pain, the doctors found out i had an ovarian cyst which had burst i was in pain for weeks and weeks, i walked funny and just in agony!
2 weeks ago i started feeling 'funny' so i took a pregnancy test, it was positive. Thats right i am expecting my 2nd child due 19th July. Me and Grant were in massive shock it was a total surprise!
When i had my cyst i had to go off all contraception for my hormones to 'do their job' and remove the cyst as soon as possible, and in that time i fell pregnant.

The next day i started to get a lot of pain, went straight to a+e had blood tests and got sent home with an appointment with the gyene ward the following morning. I went their on the Thursday had a scan, they couldnt see anything my whom is backwards tilting so its a struggle to see clearly at the best of times! They sent me back home and booked another appointment the following day where i had a blood test, the results werent great. During the early stages of pregnancy your hcg (hormone levels) are meant to double every 48 hours and mine didnt, they went up gradulally but my progesten dropped from 40 to 30. I got sent home again to come back in 2 days time to have a blood test and a scan, the nurses didnt see me we waited 3 hours when a doctor called us into the ward. They wanted me to sit in over night as they thought i had an ectopic pregnancy and wanted to operate the following day. I was a mess i couldnt stop crying luckily the doctor said i could go home as long as i came back early the next morning for a scan. I stayed at my parents house that night i needed my mum i didnt want to have a tube removed, not at my age! We went back at 8.30 the next day i was shaking with fear crying uncontrollably. We had a consultant who did an internal scan, we saw that i have a 12mm cyst in my right ovary but most importantly a sac in my uterus we were so happy it wasnt ectopic!  The blood results had also showed my hcg levels werent doubling but rising well and my progesten had not dropped. I went back a couple of days later to have another scan and we saw the baby inside the sac. Thank goodness, wer'e not completly out of the woods yet as i have a scan next Tuesday to see the heartbeat as soon as we see that i will breathe a sigh of relief.

This pregnancy wasnt planned but the thought of loosing a child brings tears to my eyes. Emma is going to be a fantastic sister, Grant a fantastic father and i am going to try my best to do right my Emma and my unborn child. We are determined not to go on benefits, wer'e saving already im entitled to maternity leave and will be returning to work after.

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