my babies

my babies

Saturday, 5 February 2011

18 months

Emma is now 18 months old!! Its flown by its so crazy, she can point to her hair, nose, mouth, teeth, eyes, ears, tummy and ...boobies LOL! Her favourite words are 'i see' and 'whos/whats that'. However her tantrums are getting worse! Im sticking to my guns though and when mummy says no she means no as hard as that is... The worse times are when im on the bus or out in town i feel everyones looking at me thinking im a bad mum for letting her cry but i know its for the best even if it does break my heart! She was really poorly this week, i went out to see a friend on Tuesday and she decided to be sick for my mum, she was vomiting everywhere for days, not eating it was EXHAUSTING, i have never being so tired in my life, ive never had to take a nap during the day but i couldnt keep my eyes open. Thankfully shes over it now, she was sleeping in my bed whilst she was ill though so its abit of a struggle to get her sleeping in her cot.

The job hunt isnt going well, i got some more help with my CV so fingers crossed something will happen, ive decided if not im going to apply for college again on September even though i feel too old, but if you want to get anywhere in life now you have to have qualifications, im hoping to do a secretarial skills course or something of that nature!

Man front isnt good either, but its only Febuary! Im feeling really lonely at the moment aswell cause of Valentines coming up, the WORST day ever if your single, every time i see people kissing or holding hands or valentines cards i wana scream!
Their was a guy, a gorgeous fit sexy one! But hes out of my league not into babies either i dont think, life goes on though eh!?

I had a meeting with young leaders last week im the head of the young parents campaign which is fab! Going to afew meetings late Feb early March for it, really excited that we've had a lot of good comments about it rather than synics!

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