my babies

my babies

Saturday, 1 January 2011

LEAVING THE PAST BEHIND. 2011 is our year.

This year hasnt being the best, but it hasnt being the worse either. The past 3-4 months have being a bit of a fresh start for me and Em. Emma's dad no longer wants to see her, which was put a massive weight off my shoulder, we've moved to a nicer area, ive made nicer friends and im nearly driving aswell.

I want to get a job in the next 2-3 months in order for me and Em to move out, its definatly the right time now, i feel more confident, and it will be nice for us to have our own space! The only thing im worried about is lonliness! But hopefully friends will come over and with me working ill get out of the house and Em will be able to meet some baby friends!

Another major one for me is to pass my driving test and get a car! I had a saxo but sold it, i couldnt get on with the none power steering at all! (If someone could reccomend me cheap PRETTY cars preferably pink let me know)

I want Emma to carry on being the smiley bundle of joy that she always is, for her to develop sociably and get friends instead of clinging onto mummy (as much as i love it!) Potty training is going pretty well too, so hopefully she'll carry on with that. As long as shes happy i cant ask for much else!....

But if im VERY VERY VERY lucky this year, then Mr right might turn up ;) Someone who will accept Emma and realise shes THE love of my life! I want someone funny, happy, positive and laid back. You never know whats around the corner though!

All in all in feeling very positive about this being a fresh start, afterall life is what YOU make of it.

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