my babies

my babies

Monday, 6 December 2010

Taking its toll,

Living in a village not being able to drive is hard, expecially when its snowing! I cant get anywhere i havent been out for a while now i feel isolated and in need of friendly conversations!

Me and Emma have being poorly aswell this week, its hard enough when your child is poorly but when you are aswell its terrible, your both grouchy and your both tired and you both need tlc. I just wanted to be in bed and sleep but Em just isnt sleeping, she hasnt had a nap in the past 4 days she'll go to sleep at 6-7 then wake up at 10 untill 2 and toos and turn and cry and winge every hour or so and wake up at 7.

Tonight i was getting Emma in her cot to sleep, i sit at the bottom of the cot so im their but so i cant distract her and i looked in the mirror and burst into tears, my eyebags my hair i look so rough i dont look like im 18 no wonder im single. But i also feel selfish i shouldnt be sad about looking so awful or been single because i have this beautiful little girl who i love dearly. Winter definatly takes its toll when your a single mummy!


  1. Being a parent is hard enough.Doing it on your own must be so much harder.
    You are so proud of your daughter and that is great.Also you can clearly feel the great love you have for Emma and that is the greatest gift of all
    Chin Up, Hunn x

  2. Keep the faith Becki, the fun times of sunshine and picnics will be here before you know it!