my babies

my babies

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Emma sleeping.

Ever since Em was born ive co-slept it was easier when i was breastfeeding expecially with stitches as it hurt every time i moved, then when i stopped BF'ing she was really clingy and i never plucked up the courage to getting her into her moses basket/cot.  

That is untill 2 weeks ago, i decided now shes 1 shes a big girl! She needs to go in a big girl cot! So ive being doing it for around 2 weeks now, shes doing well with getting into bed she goes to sleep pretty easily it only takes 30 minutes or so :) 

Its in the middle of the night she usually wakes up at 1-2am for a couple of hours, and its exhausting shes not crying just winging and winging! And then she'll wake up at 6-7 so i get 4-5 hours sleep atm and im KNACKERED.

Sometimes i wish i had a boyfriend to help out but im proud of myself for doing it, and doing it on my own i still care for her during the day and now shes running around its abit of a handful but i love it.

And i hope she sleeps through soon!

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