my babies

my babies

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Loosing my confidence.

The past few weeks ive being really down, i have another court case next week over access with my daughters father which im dreading, its making me ill.

I went to my Auntie's 50th birthay party on Saturday with Emma, none of my family came and talked to me and their was a FIT guy their but he didnt even give me a second look.

I feel Ugly. And i dont know how to change that, im starting to look at myself in a whole different light, Maybe i need a nose job? Definatly boob job... Maybe liposuction on my legs.

After having Emma ive turned invisable and untill now i didnt realise, ive concentrated souly on my gorgeous Em but now shes toddling and kind of letting go ive suddenly realised. 

How do single mothers get men again? How do they become visable again! No man is interested cause i dont go out every week, i dont even go out every month! I dont leave Emma because she is a part of me shes the most important thing in my life, maybe their isnt any more room to love anybody...

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