my babies

my babies

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Moving back into the parents. Max on the move and Emma ready for school!!

 So we've all moved back into my mums. We couldnt live in the house anymore it was to expensive for a house that was falling apart and I was fed up of some of the people round there. We moved back in about 3 weeks ago we have being frantically searching for a house but last weekend we found one. Its perfect!!  3 bedeoomed nice kitchen pretty garden and lovely area. We are saving like mad so we can make it perfect when we move in I cant wait!! Poor Grants having to get up to go to work at 5 and doesnt get home til 7!!

Maximus is 11 months old now!! Its gone scarily quick and at 10 months hes finally started crawling!! Hes everywhere I feel I need eyes at the back of my head with him hes everywhere he shouldn't be ans everything goes in his mouth hes totally different to Emma! He loves playing with balls hes starting to say words and can clap wave and high 5! Its so cute. Hes still not sleeping through though hes getting better so hopefully he'll start soon. Maximus is finally off consultant care both Oxford and locally im so pleased hes now on ghe 50th centile and Im so proud of him.

Emma will be 4 next month!! Shes had to give up nursery since living at mum's and I can tell she misses it poor thing im trying to take her out as often as possible but she wants to play with people her own age she cant wait for school!  Im going to miss her so much but I can tell she needs it now. She loves imaginative play baking gardening dancing and having her hair and nails all pretty shes such a girly girl! She is such a good big sister she plays with max all the time cuddles him she loves him its do sweet. She is my little princess.

I stopped breastfeeding a month ago it was such a hard decision but I knew it was time he constantly bit would suck for 2 minutes then fall asleep I was just a comfort to him I mis it do much and he found it hard for the first few weeks but hes fine now im still leaking a little bit I think ill be sad when my milk properly dries up but im happy as I sm training to help other mums. Im training to become a breast feeding support worker and im loving it!! Ive got 5 more weeks of training until I qualify!

Its mine and Grants 2nd anniversary this month im so excited we didn't get to do anything for our first so ive  got a feeling hes going to make it special this time! Im so happy with him we have the same sense of humour and we both love our little family so much!!

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