my babies

my babies

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Labour and Birth of Max!

On Wednesday 4th July me and Grant set off to the hospital at 8.30am i was so nervous!
We got to the induction ward, and i was monitored for a few hours, finally i got my pessary inserted at 11.30am i was 3cm dilated but my cervix was to the back so she felt she wouldnt be able to break my waters yet.
We were allowed off the ward aslong as we came back every 3 hours for Obs, so me and Grant went into town to do some baby and snack food shopping! at 2.30 we went to costa for a drink and i started getting slight niggles nothing major, so we headed back to the hospital, in the induction ward they had a sitting room with a tv some sofa's and a birthing ball so we spent a few hours in there with Grant watching Wimbledon and me bouncing on the birthing ball. At 8pm Grant went out to get us some dinner, i had my next lot of obs so got onto my bed and the midwifes checked Max's heartbeat, he had a major decelleration lasting 4 minutes, they got me on my side, sat me up but nothing worked, the lady pressed the emergancy alarm and tons of doctors came running in, i managed to text grant 'COME NOW' Max's heartbeat managed to get back up so the drs put me on the monitor and put a canular in just incase i needed to go into theatre.
Max's heartbeat was fine for a few hours so because i wasnt in established labour Grant had to go home at 10pm, i told him to keep his phone by his side because the pains were starting to get a little worse.
The midwifes ran me a bath but it made me feel worse so i got out after ten minutes, went back into my bed and started getting quite strong contractions so the midwife checked me and i was 4cm dilated my cervix was thin and to the front so she told me id be transferred to the labour ward soon for my waters to be broken but not to tell my partner just yet... of course i text him to let him know what was going on, he got in a taxi and its a good job he did.
At 1am they took me to the labour ward and broke my waters, as soon as they did i was in agony, contractions became so strong so quickly, i was sucking on the gas and air begging for drugs, i was only 4cm dilated i had a long way to go and i couldnt handle it, but the midwife refused to give me any, Grant was telling me to stay calm, he rubbed my back and was there for me. All of a sudden i felt the urge to push i lay on the bed, did 3 big pushes and Max was born at 1.45am on Thursday 5th July.
He was perfect, he was placed onto my chest straight away, Grant cut the cord and i gave Max his first feed.
He weighed 5lb6 and he is truly perfect just like his sister.


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  2. Congradulations on the birth of Max :)
    (deleted above as soo many typos lol)
    He is truely scrummy x

  3. Congrats!!!! What a beautiful baby. I am a new follower.